Here's a quick overview of the live animation show called, "Let's Get Arted with Randy Morehall."

The online show is a live animation that promises a fusion of art, entertainment, ridiculousness, and interactivity like you’ve never seen before. Join Randy Morehall on a creative journey where imagination knows no limits. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or just looking for an exciting new experience, this show is designed to captivate and entertain.

Randy Morehall web promo

I’m not sure why, but I agreed to let Randy Morehall take over my social media for an hour.

Randy Morehall is an art critic, curator, and connoisseur. The main highlight of the show will be critiquing featured art, but there will be a lot of other unfiltered topical nonsense included in the show.

I told Randy that he has to get people to interact for him to keep streaming live on my channels.

How you can view: (best way to view)

People can submit their art to be critiqued by using #getarted or contacting Randy directly on social media.

Technical test run with Randy and explanation of interactive features:

If you’re feeling generous and want to help keep the project going, Randy also accepts tips:

So, grab a seat and a yummy beverage, and please join Randy when he broadcasts live to show him your support!

ps. Randy’s opinions and statements are his own and I don’t endorse everything he might say.

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