"Let's Get Arted with Randy Morehall" Is A Live and Interactive Animated Broadcast Example

The online show is a live animation that has a fusion of art, entertainment, ridiculousness, and interactivity like you’ve never seen before.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast or just looking for an exciting new experience, this show is designed to captivate and entertain.

Randy Morehall web promo
Promotional Graphic Created for Live Interactive Show

How The Show Came To Life

  • Randy Morehall, the animated character, was crafted from scratch at Redideo Studio, coming to life through a blend of webcam and motion capture technology.
  • Once brought to life, this character seamlessly joined a virtual broadcasting software, where scenes were carefully designed in anticipation of the show schedule. The live voice processing also took place within the software.
  • To enhance the viewer experience, live interactive chat features from various social media platforms, along with convenient monetary tipping options, were seamlessly integrated into the broadcast software.
  • Commands for Cloudbot were established to facilitate user interaction with the chatbot host.
  • Engaging hashtag and social media campaigns were devised to encourage individuals to tune in to the show and actively participate.
  • The result was a dynamic live broadcast that reached audiences on popular platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Periscope.

Technical Test Run with Randy Explaining The Interactive Features

While Randy Morehall may appear peculiar and outspoken, envision the potential of having a custom character and live broadcast that aligns perfectly with your objectives.

Make Your Next Marketing Campaign Dynamic and Live

Let's have some fun!

If you’re ready to take your marketing campaign to the next level and captivate your audience like never before, don’t miss out on the power of live animation!

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