These are the cloudbot commands you can use for the Randy Morehall YouTube and Twitch livestreams.

Stream will be live Thursdays at 7PM PDT.

!uptimeThe stream has been live for {uptime}.
!hug/me hugs {} <3
!drinkNow sounds like a good time for special juice cocktails. Everyone drink! ??
!botshotOk. If you insist. Another shot for me! ?
!shotsallSpecial juice shots for everyone! Don’t spill. ????
!randysays“Art is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” – Randy Morehall
!puffPuff, puff, give, give. Quit Bogarting that bad boy!
!pizzaPizza here. Who ordered 100 anchovy pizzas?
!funWho likes a fun guy?
!artedWho arted?
!TwitterRandy’s Twitter is
!InstagramRandy’s Instagram is
!FacebookRandy’s Facebook is
!quoteTrigger a random or specific quote.
!pointsDisplays the amount of currency the user has.
!topDisplays a list of Top users based on points.
!tophoursDisplays a list of Top users based on hours.
!giveGive points from a user using !give <name> <amount>
!heistAllows viewers to start a heist.
!betRegister your bet.
!mybetCheck what you have bet on.
!merchPromotes your Streamlabs Merch Store.
!gambleAllows viewers to gamble using their points.
!8ballAllows viewers to ask questions to eight ball.
!slotsAllows viewers to gamble points on the slot machine.
!duelAllows viewers to duel with each other for points.
!acceptAllows viewer to accept a duel.
!denyAllows viewer to deny a duel.
!cancelAllows viewer to cancel the initiated duel.
!redeemAllows viewers to redeem items from your loyalty store through chat.
!commandsShows link to current commands.