Web Advertisement Videos Produced for iHeartRadio San Diego

The client was Sombrero Mexican Food and the preroll videos played on digital streaming anytime someone started listening to one of the seven radio stations. The jingle was provided by the client and Daniel Travers synchronized all of the assets during his full-time employment at iHeartRadio.

What Are Pre-Roll Ads?

Pre-roll videos are a versatile form of online advertising that play before the main content viewers intend to watch, making them an effective tool for reaching a captive audience. They serve various purposes, including promoting products and services, building brand recognition, and announcing events or special offers.

Pre-roll ads often include a clear call to action, driving viewers to take specific actions, such as visiting a website or making a purchase. Furthermore, their monetization potential has made them a popular choice for content creators and online platforms looking to generate revenue from ad placements. In essence, pre-roll videos offer a valuable means of engaging viewers, achieving marketing goals, and even creating income streams in the digital advertising landscape.

And yes, we enjoyed a generous amount of delicious Mexican food! It was only fitting to taste the product, don’t you think?

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