Promotional Video That Aired On Cox Cable TV Stations

In collaboration with the Director of Marketing at iHeartMedia San Diego, we crafted the following 30-second TV commercial, which was broadcasted in San Diego, California for approximately a month. The video was produced to support the introduction of their newly rebranded radio station.

About the process of producing the TV commercial:

I don’t always get to do motion graphics and audio projects like this working for iHeartMedia San Diego, so it’s always interesting to spice up and challenge my daily routine.

The script for the voice-over was written by the JAM’N 95.7 Program Director and produced by in-house talent.

The Director of Marketing and I had many challenges, such as not being able to use licensed commercial music (unless for a notable fee) and still making it sound similar to the music format that was played on the radio station. Fortunately, we have access to a library of licensed sound effects and music beds that I pieced together in Steinberg Cubase incorporating the voice-over. I paid close attention to pacing, while creating audio to potentially make interesting visual transitions. The resulting Cubase project had 16 separate tracks and it was fun to create because I hadn’t produced an audio project in quite some time.

After completing the audio for the TV spot, I then coordinated visuals with the Director of Marketing to reflect the radio station’s brand. We ran into challenges here as well; being that some of the artists were deceased and we didn’t have access to new and licensed photos. So, I created artist depictions in Photoshop using recognizable photos of the format relevant musicians.

We then found stock footage and photos of media that would help convey our message and wrote an audio-visual script to bring it all together.

Once all of the assets were put together and determined on a timeline, I brought them all together in Adobe After Effects and Premiere and produced the TV commercial above.

The TV commercial was used for digital marketing on social media platforms as well.


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