JAM’N 95.7's Hip Hop Showcase: Uniting San Diego's Talent

With the help of teamwork and talented people, we produced San Diego’s Hip Hop Show, “Heat of The Week” which was featured on iHeartRadio JAM’N 95.7’s website.

san diego hip hop heat of the week

The concept and goal was to create a unique website feature that connects and promotes the San Diego hip hop community, drives traffic to the JAM’N 95.7 website, and increases brand awareness for the radio station.

I approached on-air talent Beto Perez to host the San Diego hip hop feature and then we later added Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre’s: DJ JAM to help. Our team solicited local talent to be on the show via the JAM’N 95.7 website and networking.  We then set up rounds and interviews for the artists and music producers to participate in to showcase their talents. The feature is still alive and evolving today!

As the show Producer, I was responsible for:

  • Branding and marketing of the feature (logo creation)
  • Shooting and editing the episodes
  • Posting the episodes on the JAM’N 95.7 web site
  • Posting and promoting on JAM’N 95.7’s social media (FacebookTwitterInstagram)
  • Coordinating audio engineers
  • Coordinating talent and legal documents

Video Teasers Posted On Social Media

Full Episode Example Posted on JAM’N 95.7's Website

If you made it this far, thanks for checking it out!