An on-air radio personality named Nathan Fast approached me to help him with a pregnancy announcement video idea.

Last year he had proposed to his girlfriend and he wanted to make this announcement even bigger! He and his fiancée had come up with a movie style trailer idea. They wanted to do a video parody which compared Nathan’s life and career to that of Indiana Jones. It was a clever and great idea, they had an awesome script, and I had never done a pregnancy announcement video before.

Marty Whitney of San Diego’s Rock Station 105.3 had already recorded the voice over for the script and everything was very well thought out. We had to find a place that resembled the deep jungle and there were some really great spots in San Diego’s Balboa Park, which helped us tricking everyone into thinking we were actually in an exotic location. I was also lucky to find the opening aerial stock footage which help set the mood.

It was shot with a Sony HDR-AX2000 and edited in Adobe Premiere.

Thanks to the agitated Frisbee disc golfers for being patient with us on their course and also to Ace Carino for operating the boom. It was a lot of fun, a new challenge, and here’s what we came up with…

Press coverage it received:
Huffington Post
Right This Minute” TV Show on ABC

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