Most people are probably familiar with the ‘No Rain’ by Blind Melon music video.

How can you forget the young girl wearing the bee outfit in the 1990s? It was rated one of the top music videos of all time by several reputable sources. So, it was unquestionably a top pick to be made into a parody music video.

The star of the remake video, Sky Williams, is a co-host on the morning show of San Diego’s Radio Station Rock 105.3 (KIOZ-FM). She was challenged to a 90s trivia competition by her coworkers and the loser had to recreate a music video of the winner’s choice. The video below is the result of her losing the challenge.

Blind Melon ‘No Rain’ Remake Credits:

Bee – Sky

Guy with Creepy Animal – Eddie

Homeless Woman with Big Hands (and Seamstress) – Emily

Homeless Man on Steroids – Thor

Co-Director – Dario

Co-Director, Cameraman, Post-Production – Daniel Travers

Here’s a brief summary of the technical details for those who are interested:

The scenes in the video were shot using a Sony HDR-AX2000 video camera.
After the scenes were completed with co-director Dario, I found a frame on the original Blind Melon music video that could be used as a backdrop in the various dance scenes. Then, the video footage was keyed out in Adobe After Effects with the Keylight plug-in and imported into Adobe Premiere. Our original video was shot in 1080p, but I had to downsize to match the Blind Melon music video that was shot in the late 1990s when not many people were working with high definition video. From there, it was a matter of lining up the new footage with the old music video on the timeline to match.

Emily and Sky did a great job on the costume which really helped contribute to the video. Kudos to them!

The finished parody music video was then premiered at an end of the summer beach party here in San Diego, California which took place on the Mission Beach Boardwalk in 2018. Based on the crowd’s reactions, I’d say they were pretty amused by everyone’s hard work.

Great job everyone!

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