Here are some Graphic User Interface Designer examples from a variety of projects over the years:

This is a prototype graphic design for the Redideo Studio website and was created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. It was to be deployed in Adobe Flash, but then the industry didn’t like Flash anymore.

Graphic User Interface Designer Project
Graphic User Interface Design for Redideo Studio

Below are scalable vector graphics that were used within our in-house software while working with a military e-learning company named Mantech International. Most of the projects I worked on at this company were confidential, so unfortunately I can’t show how the graphics were incorporated.

Vector GUI Icons
Scalable Vector GUI Icons for In-House Software

This was created in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Flash and is an interface for a catalog of music I’ve collaborated with various musicians on.

Redideo Radio Flash GUI
Redideo Radio Flash Graphic User Interface Design (click on the image if you can support Flash)

Here’s a website interface I designed for a client while working closely with a backend PHP/MYSQL programmer. Where it says “video” was a Flash based video introduction to the client’s site and services.

Website GUI for Color Code Mobile
Website GUI for Color Code Mobile

This was a fun project I created while working at Classic Rock Radio Station 101KGB in San Diego, California. I created it for the radio morning show and they would tease it on-air so we could increase traffic to the website. The interface was designed in Photoshop and it was compiled in Adobe Flash.

Name That Tune Adobe Flash Graphic User Interface Designer Project
“Name That Tune” Adobe Flash Graphic User Interface Designer Project

I originally created many variations of this comment GUI, but unfortunately, the others got lost on an ancient old hard drive. This too was created at the military e-learning company Mantech International and was for the employees to give quality control to the developers on the individual lessons.

In House Comment GUI
In-House Comment GUI

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