Garden America is a nationally recognized terrestrial radio program dedicated to exploring the fascinating worlds of science and culture as they relate to gardening.

The show delivers valuable insights to its audience through live, interactive broadcasts every Saturday morning on social media, cultivating authentic and fulfilling gardening experiences for both novice and seasoned enthusiasts. In addition to their live social media broadcasts, the show is distributed nationally over the air on Biz Talk Radio and they also offer a podcast accessible on all major platforms.


Garden America faced several challenges in expanding its online presence and maximizing its reach:

  • Limited Online Visibility: The radio show had a dedicated following, but they struggled to gain significant traction in the online gardening community.
  • Podcast Growth: The podcast needed to increase its listenership to match the show's terrestrial radio audience.
  • Revenue Generation:  Garden America was driven by a strong desire to enhance and expand its revenue streams.
  • Social Media Presence:  Establishing a robust social media presence played a pivotal role in engaging a wider audience and extending the show's reach to new geographical regions.


Garden America partnered with a digital marketing agency to implement a comprehensive strategy that addressed these challenges:

  • Website Design: A modern, user-friendly website was created to showcase the show's content, episodes, and gardening resources.
  • Social Media Growth & Management: Redideo Studio managed and grew Garden America's social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO techniques were employed to improve the website's ranking on search engines, ensuring it appeared on the first page for relevant gardening and interest-based related search terms.
  • Content Creation & Coordination: Consistent and engaging content was produced, including blog posts, articles, and videos, to keep the audience informed and entertained.
  • Podcast Editing & Distribution: Podcast episodes underwent editing and were subsequently added to prominent podcasting platforms, effectively expanding its reach.
  • Google AdSense Management: AdSense campaigns were implemented and optimized to maximize revenue from the website.
  • Sponsor Relationships: New sponsors were sought, and existing relationships were strengthened through increased online exposure.
  • Media Kit & Graphic Design: A media kit was created to showcase the show's achievements, monetize their services, and attract potential sponsors. Graphic design elements were used to maintain brand consistency.
Garden America Radio Show Website Design


The results of the Garden America digital marketing campaign were impressive:

  • SEO Success: Garden America achieved first-page rankings on Google for several relevant interest-based search terms, significantly improving online visibility.
  • Podcast Growth: The annual podcast growth rate soared to an impressive 325%, matching the success of the terrestrial radio show.
  • Sponsorship Success: New sponsors were acquired due to increased online exposure, boosting the show's revenue.
  • Google AdSense Revenue: The revenue generated through Google AdSense increased significantly, contributing to the show's financial success.
  • Social Media Presence: Garden America's social media presence grew substantially, engaging a broader international audience.
  • Media Recognition: Articles from Garden America were featured on the News Break news app, further expanding the show's reach and credibility.


Garden America’s collaboration with Redideo Studio resulted in a remarkable transformation of its online presence and success in the gardening community. By implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, Garden America achieved higher online visibility, podcast growth, sponsorship opportunities, and increased revenue. The success of this case study demonstrates the potential for terrestrial and digital radio programs to thrive in the digital age with the right online marketing strategies.

case study results

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