AI Artwork Created With Stable Diffusion

Art & Artificial Intelligence: The Pros & Cons

The Art of AI: Balancing the Pros and Cons of Using Artificial Intelligence in ArtArt and artificial intelligence (AI)…

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san diego real estate website design

Website Design & Marketing: The Michels Group

The Michels Group provides solutions to buyers, sellers, and investors in both residential and commercial real estate…

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slime mold artificial intelligence

Adventures In Artificial Intelligence Art

Here's some samples of my adventures with art made by artificial intelligence.I’ve been doing a lot of studies…

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video marketing itan

Video Marketing: iTan Sun Spray Spa

iTAN Sun Spray Spa is Southern California's premier spray tanning & sun tanning salon and spa, with 31 locations in…

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creepy robot clowns nft thumb

Artificial Intelligence Art & NFTs: Creepy Robot Clowns

WARNING: If you're scared of creepy things or clowns, run for your life! Creepy Robot Clowns is a collection of 20…

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san diego drone pilot

I’m Now A Certified Drone Pilot!

This will allow me to legally do aerial photography and video for clients.I now officially have my Part 107 drone pilot…

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website design marketing capitis medical thumb

Website Design & Marketing: Capitis Medical & Aesthetics

Capitis Medical & Aesthetics is a regenerative medicine medical spa with offices in Roseville and San Diego,…

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virtual nft art gallery

My NFT Art & Virtual Reality Gallery

Click on the marketplace below to view my NFT art and collectibles. (These are external links and may require a…

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