This will allow me to legally do aerial photography and video for clients.

I now officially have my Part 107 drone pilot certification issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The exam was more difficult than I anticipated and included a lot of questions on physics, weather, and airspace. If you have any questions about the process, how I studied, or the exam, feel free to ask.

At first, I questioned why a drone pilot would need to know all of these things. But now, I get it. The FAA wants you to respect airspace and not cause any big accidents! Don’t get me started about when a seagull got sucked into an engine on a commercial flight I was on. It was newsworthy.

I'm now looking for clients who are interested in upping their game with visual oohs and ahhs from the sky.

Here are some examples of drone videos I’ve already done.

If you need help with your next promotional video, contact me here.