In The Attic (NFT on MakersPlace with Print)


Self-similar algorithmic art that investigates the beauty of surreal yet familiar objects and dimensions.

The artwork is digitally created using software for 3D fractal generation and minor editing in Adobe Photoshop.

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Some of my digital NFTs are paired with physical museum-grade giclee prints which you can see examples of in my store. If you purchase the associated NFT, I mail you the print.

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If you’re not sure what NFTs are, check out my article “What In The Heck Is NFT or Crypto Art?”

You can also view my virtual NFT art gallery. (external link)

More About The Art:

I’ve always had a fascination with fractals since art school. They’re so hypnotic and I love how they produce things similar to nature.

The three-dimensional fractal images are generated and rendered in a learning software called Mandelbulb 3D. The software combines several different non-linear algorithms together along with lighting and color effects. It’s up to the artist to go fractal hunting and find the perfect combination and composition of math equations. The results are typically known as fractal or math art. You can truly get lost for hours!

The mathematics behind two-dimensional fractals began to take shape as early as the 17th century. Three-dimensional fractals were just recently discovered in 2009. If you’d like to know more, check out this Wikipedia article on fractals. They’re so amazing!

Be sure to check out my article: What In The Heck Is A Fractal & Why Should You Care?

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