Vinyl Record Art: “Euphoric Landscape”



Unique one-of-a-kind abstract and non-objective art done on an upcycled 12″ vinyl record finished with epoxy resin done by Redideo, framed and ready to hang!

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Unique one-of-a-kind abstract and non-objective art done on upcycled 12″ vinyl records finished with epoxy resin, framed and ready to hang!

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About the process:
A high-grade gesso was applied to the 12″ vinyl record after the original label was removed. The records are upcycled, random, and I try not to fall in love with them.

A special formula of acrylic paint is then manually hand applied to the surface of the record to create the art.

Once the paint has dried, it’s finished with a high-grade, long-lasting epoxy resin to give it a shiny appearance. The high-gloss epoxy resin clear coat makes pieces pop while protecting them.

On the back of the vinyl record, there is a hand signed “Redideo” signature. There is also another hand signed title, signature, and date on the back of the frame.

The finished abstract art 12″ vinyl record is then framed in a 14.375″ X 14.375″ x .75″ wood frame with a beveled mat. There is no glass covering the record and mat. The glass on top of the record with the resin-made it too reflective and difficult to see the art.

Care instructions:

The finished abstract art record (not the mat around it) can be cleaned with household glass cleaner. Apply a little glass cleaner to a paper towel or soft cloth and wipe the record gently. Be sure not to get any on the mat surrounding the record. The frame can also be cleaned with the same glass cleaner. The mat around the record can be cleaned with air duster or soft cloth.

Be sure to keep the artwork out of direct sunlight. The painting won’t melt or be damaged with a little sunlight, but continuous direct sunlight on any painting will eventually cause it to fade over time.

Please note:

The colors shown here are from actual photographs, but can only be used as a guide. Due to color differences between computer monitors – We Can Not Guarantee Color Accuracy.

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Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 1 in
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